Dr. Joseph

CJPortrait-0133_optimizedDr. Chinabear Joseph: A Lifetime of Working With The Body

I believe in the resilience of the body and its capacity for healing shifts when given a new opportunity.  My own journey with my body, as a dancer and avid athlete who sustained injuries to my back propelled me into intensive study of the healing arts.  My practice is gentle yet effective, and includes a broad spectrum of patients from infant and pediatric care to senior needs.

The success of these techniques continues to ground my faith in the ability of this work to restore the body to wellness.

When I work with clients, I examine a variety of indicators such as  posture, movement, holding patterns, general energy level, and breathing.  Long-standing compensatory problems can systemically impact the body.  Together we will investigate your presenting issue to uncover and address the root problem.

My techniques include traditional and non-force chiropractic adjustments, myo-fascial deep tissue work, ultra-sound therapies, cranio-sacral, and rehabilitative exercises.   I have extensive experience collaborating with doctors, dentists, acupuncturists, and other care providers, and welcome their input.

I specialize in both acute conditions (such as injuries, head trauma and concussions, and post-pregnancy issues), and the long-term healing of chronic, hard-to-fix issues.   My relationship with my clients is based on trust and mutual respect, a “sacred trust” if you will.

Contact me to see how I can be a partner in your total wellness and self-care program.

Licenses, Certifications and Education

  • Doctor of Chiropractic, Life Chiropractic College West, 1986
  • Webster Technique-certified (http://icpa4kids.com/about/webster_technique.htm) by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
  • State of California certified continuing Education teacher for the California Board of Registered Nurses
  • Cranio-sacral study with Dennis Hertenstein and the Upledger Institute (http://www.upledger.com/), since 1993

Dance and other Body-Mind Training

  • BS in Dance SUNY Brockport, professional dancer with Daniel Nagrin, The Workgroup
  • Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen Body Mind Centering Technique, Emily Dowd and others
  • Yang style Tai Chi Chuan
  • Extensive Vipassana meditation training with Ruth Dennison and Toni Packer


  • Instructor of professional-level coursework for health-care providers
  • Co-developed and trained a 300-hour massage therapist course at Fremont Adult School