“My dentist referred me to Dr. Joseph for very bad vertigo. After just a few treatments I have gotten much better. My life is a lot better. Dr. Joseph has magic hands
— JM (truck driver)

“Dr. Joseph’s hands, heart and spirit are full of healing power. She is a blessing.”  
— BC (attorney)

“Had I not met Dr. Chinabear when I did, I may not have survived my 30’s.  I am 54 years old now and look forward to continuing to seek her healing guidance as I strive to take care of myself, and age with strength.” 
— RD (Assisted Living Home Administrator)

“Chinabear Joseph combines an incredible breadth of knowledge about the human body with a deep intuitive wisdom and incredibly smart hands. She’s a person of integrity with a warm and thoughtful heart. What else could you want in a chiropractor?”
— SB  (ED of Jewish Renewal Synagogue)

“I really appreciate Dr.Joseph’s  gifts.”   
— LL (computer programmer)

“The whole process of working with Dr. Joseph is like being tuned as if I were a fine violin!”
— ER  (musician)

“Because of a post concussive syndrome, my sister was referred to Dr. Joseph by her dentist. At that time, she was practically an invalid, with severe dizziness, memory loss, and inability to carry on a conversation. After only three treatments with Dr. Joseph my sister is remarkably better.  The lights are on and somebody is home! A million thanks to you Dr. J”
— LK  (Administrator @ Head Royce)